If you are a black tea lover then this article is a must read for you because today we are going to talk about one of the best and the most famous black tea’s out there. Here by that black tea we are referring you to none other than the Assam black tea that is a treat for those who love this hot drink.

Before getting started with the Assam tea and it’s origin, let’s first talk about black tea in general. Black tea is basically a more oxidized version of green tea and white tea. And oxidation as we all know it is a process which turns the leaves darker creating a stronger flavor. As far as the benefits of black tea are concerned, well we all know that it helps in improving heart health, it’s good for weight loss and above everything it works by boosting the energy levels of our body.

What Is Assam Tea?

Assam tea is a black tea that comes from the origin of “Assam” in India. Assam is also known to be the largest and the fastest growing tea region of the world. The distinct and unique malty flavor of the Assam tea is all because of the terrain and the weather conditions of that area. Assam tea is also known as black tea, breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea and English breakfast tea. There are high chances that the black breakfast tea you buy from your local store is pure Assam tea. You can get this tea in both tea bags and in a lose form too.

Caffeine In Assam Tea

Yes, just like all the other black teas in the world, the Assam tea also comes with a certain amount of caffeine in it. But don’t worry because no matter what it is, this black tea contains less caffeine than a cup of black coffee does. You can say that every cup of Assam black tea has somewhat around 50-90 milligrams of caffeine in it but it also depends on how much you brew it. The more you brew this black tea, the more the caffeine will be.

Health Benefits Of Assam Tea

There are several benefits of Assam black tea but most importantly, after having a cup of it you will likely feel a boost in your body energy levels and you will feel more active due to the caffeine you consumed. Specially if you have this tea in the morning then you’ll stay active and fresh throughout the day. There are several other benefits of this black tea, it can even help reduce the risk of cancer in the human body. Other than that black tea is known to be beneficial and healthy for a human body, scientists are still making some research on this and there’s nothing we can say with complete assurity at the moment but yes, there is something about the Assam black tea that will make you feel fresher and much more active than you can ever imagine.

We hope you now know everything you should know about Assam black tea. So, now if you are really obsessed with black teas then don’t wait any further and give this tea a try, we assure you that you’ll love the taste and the affects with which it comes.