Alishan mountain tea is an oolong tea that is grown in the mountains of central Taiwan. This tea is comparatively stronger than the other teas probably due to the high concentration of flavor producing ingredients which again is a result of high elevations.

If you are someone who likes to have a little creamy tea that is a bit sweet and fruity too then the Alishan oolong tea is a must have for you. The aroma with which this tea comes is just irresistible and after a cup of it you won’t be able to resist drinking more because yes it’s that good.

Difference Between Oolong and Green Tea

Oolong is a semi oxidized tea, in this case the leaves are allowed to oxidize for a short time after picking them. Green tea on the other hand is an un-oxidized tea and there is no such thing as oxidation that occurs in this case. Now you might be thinking that what’s the best for you and well honestly both these types aren’t much different. The oxidation of oolong tea does not eliminate any of the health benefits and as far as the taste is concerned, well, we’d suggest you to try the Alishan oolong tea first and then if you don’t like the taste or if you don’t find it to be your type then you can opt for green tea.

Green tea comes with a refreshing taste and it all depends on the flavor you buy and the company you are buying it from. On the other hand oolong tea is all about orchid flavor, it’s sweet, it’s fruit and it’s a bit creamy too. The Alishan tea is world famous and people from all around the globe order this tea due to its unique aroma and taste.

Health Benefits Of Alishan Oolong Tea

It’s always safe to say that any type of tea is good for you but as right now we are focusing more on the oolong tea then let’s see what the medical world has to say about it.

1-Oolong tea can be good for those who are suffering through type 2 diabetes. Basically oolong can be an adjunct to the oral hypoglycemic agents that are involved in the treatment of this disease.

2-If you or any of your loved one is suffering through eczema then you will have to drink somewhat around a liter of oolong tea every day. According to research, when people with eczema drank the Alishan Oolong tea, they felt a lot better.