silver needle tea

Silver Needle White Tea. Credit: Pinterest

Today, I wanted to share with you all my “tea of the day”. Silver Needle White Tea, I chose this tea because I have quite a bit of computer/desk work to do. Knowing me, when I have a lot of work to do, I tend to forget about my tea. I know what you are thinking, “for get about my tea!!” When this happens I like to choose a tea that I can steep for a very long time, AND taste great lukewarm to cold. With white teas, it can be steeped longer and still won’t have that bitter taste with other teas when it is over steeped.

The aroma of this tea is amazing. It smells like light fresh flowers, not overwhelming. Tastes is natural light sweetness nothing artificial. The tea is very scarce, it is picked only for a few days during spring and the price reflects the scarcity of it and the quality.

Hope you enjoy my little write-up about our silver needle white tea.