Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea


Change up your classic Earl Grey with a little Lavender. It’ll help relax you, while the premium black tea wakes you up!

Earn up to 59 Points.


A lighter shade of grey

Are you a bit tired of your classic Earl Grey, do you need a little something different to change up your morning brew? Try this, it isn’t too crazy, but just enough to get you hooked. Black tea mixed with Lavender, Bergamot oil, and dried pieces of oranges. The aroma soothes your body and mind, while the premium black tea is delicious, awakening, and flavorful.

Or you can stick with the classic Earl Grey >

Best served: Hot Tea / Iced Tea


Black tea, sun-dried oranges pieces, cornflower petals, premium oil of bergamot

* No artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Caffeine Level

High Caffeine


Floral, Fruity, Roasted Black Tea


Red Amber

Type of Tea

Black Tea


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